ArbiterSports: Complete Sport Events Management Solution

Jeff Triplette, CEO
The current era has seen integration of technologies within the sports arena to enhance the quality of decision making that ultimately affects the result. When integrated within the work process of organizing, technology can empower athletic directors, assigners, and officials to better execute and manage every aspect of their responsibilities. “Organizing and hosting sports events can be a complex task, from scheduling matches to assigning and paying the officials. A minor mistake in the entire workflow can damage organizer’s reputation and credibility,” says Jeff Triplette, CEO, ArbiterSports. Easing the entire process of managing sports events is Sandy, UT based ArbiterSports, which deliver solutions for organizing events as well as payment options for officials.

ArbiterSports uses its powerful web-based platform to provide secure access to its solutions anywhere through internet enabled devices. The platform empowers schools, sports clubs, and athletic departments with all the support and customization needed for implementation of platform. The company’s range of products includes ArbiterGame—a scheduling and logistics solution for athletic directors, officials, and coordinators. Athletic directors can manage a working schedule that is kept private, until marked public, which is then published for fans, students, and parents.

With ArbiterGame, all game details like team rosters, match officials, venue, and time can be entered, which is also visible to opposing teams, managers, players, and the media. “ArbiterGame schedules all the aspects of your game, preventing scheduling conflicts through a systematic flow of processes by highlighting important areas of concern,” adds Triplette. Adding to the assigning capabilities, the firm developed ArbiterOne, a complete solution to assign matches officials from an entire database of officials for easier communication. ArbiterOne also generates match reports, highlighting all the important match events.

Paying the match officials is a complicated task and can take several days to calculate and provide the check. Catering to this very need is ArbiterPay. The officials are assigned to a game using ArbiterGame, and with ArbiterPay they can be paid electronically, taking care of the state and federal tax reporting.
“The state and federal compliance built into the system automatically generates the 1099-S form, easing taxation filing for officials,” adds Triplette.

Empowering organizations with a uniform platform for checking the skill and eligibility of officials, ArbiterSports’ ArbiterWorks builds an online portal where officials can register with an organization for training and educational tools. ArbiterWorks creates a single communication platform for athletic directors to stay in contact with officials, distributing news, announcements, and documents. It allows sports departments to keep a track of their officials’ eligibility and preparedness for match day. For officials, ArbiterWorks’ searchable rules database gives online access to rulebooks.

The state and federal compliance built into the system automatically generates the 1099-S form, easing taxation filing for officials

ArbiterSports has been serving clients from various spaces like National Governing Councils, Schools, and College athletic departments and maintains a strong sense of relevancy with their business partners. The firm helped Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) in expanding their capability to organize more school sporting events. LHSAA used online referee management to assign football officials across the state. The local assigners in Louisiana used ArbiterOne to assign and evaluate the match officials, and utilized Arbiter360 to monitor and provide feedback for improving the quality of officiating. “ArbiterSports streamlines the entire process of managing and organizing sports events, delivering required feedback to every concerned official and department,” added Triplette.

The firm recently announced the availability of its assigning application on mobile platform—ArbiterConnected. Being able to provide a competitive edge to its client, ArbiterSports has drastically changed the entire process of organizing sports events, giving organizations visibility like never before.


Sandy, UT

Jeff Triplette, CEO

Provide athletic directors, state high school associations and national governing bodies to manage sports officiating assignments and payment to their game officials.