KORE Software: Enhancing Customer Relationships through ProSports Suite

Matt Sebal, Founder and President
With the sports industry exhibiting a great deal of reliance on technology, technology providers are ensuring that the business of sports is lucrative with their incessant innovations. Maintaining customer relationships in this space is often very challenging. This has led organizations to search for a viable technology partner that can enhance their customer relationships and drive noticeable improvements. With its headquarters in New York City, NY, KORE Software is one such company that delivers a subscription-based suite of software products KORE ProSports. “Our industry-specific software transforms off-the-shelf Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. com into a complete end-to-end sales, marketing, and operations platform for sports,” says Matt Sebal, Founder and President, KORE Software. Over the years, the company has developed proven products for organizations that market radio, television, sports sponsorships, digital signage, publications, online advertising, and ticketed events.

KORE Software was founded in 2002 as a consulting firm that delivered custom business management software. After working with a number of sports and entertainment customers, the company realized the potential of entering the untapped space of sports, media and entertainment. In 2012, KORE Software waded into the market with a suite of products KORE ProSports. Since their early days in the sports industry, KORE Software has been enabling organizations to gain seamless access to information that is critical to their business operations by creating a centralized system. “All KORE products are multilingual and multi-currency capable,” says Sebal. In order to facilitate sports entities manage business and customers more effectively with latest information around ticket sales and client purchasing correlations, KORE Software introduced KORE ProSports Ticketing Sales and Operations Module. “Organizations can now reap the benefits of their own proprietary data to drive campaigns and secure fan revenue through a more systematic, logical approach,” explains Sebal. It also gives real-time customer insights and guides companies to make more accurate decisions on fan revenue generation. Additionally, the centralized customer database created by KORE ProSports Ticketing proffers contact information, ticket transactions, attendance rates, merchandise purchases, and real-time integration to compatible electronic marketing systems.
The company’s another key module KORE ProSports Sponsorship— helps enterprises transform a generic CRM system into a sponsorship sales powerhouse. “This module gives organizations the power to handle traditional as well as next generation media,” says Sebal.

Organizations can now reap the benefits of their own proprietary data to drive campaigns and secure fan revenue through a more systematic, logical approach

Targeting the elite customer base that has high expectations, KORE Software provides sophisticated presentations and contracts to the corporate market through KORE ProSports Suites and Premium Sales and Operations module. “We effectively cover all of the unique complexities associated with premium priced, multi-year customer relationships, while securing and retaining high-end client contracts,” says Sebal. KORE ProSports Suites allow organizations to handle large accounts by providing tools such as Suite DealWizard, Legal Contract Generator, Suite Proposal Generator, Ticketing System Integration, SuiteVisualizer, and Suite Customer Incident-Management.

Furthermore, KORE Software has rolled-out a new product, KORE ProSports DWA, to help organizations curb the complexities around the utilization of traditional data warehouses. This solution enables organizations to create a platform that simplifies design, minimizes custom development, and maximizes accessibility.

After establishing a well-established portfolio in the sports arena, KORE Software plans to expand its industry-leading software to meet the ever-growing needs for data warehousing, analysis, and fan engagement through its newly launched product, KORE ProSports DWA.

KORE Software

New York City, NY

Matt Sebal, Founder and President

Provider of innovative customer relationship management software that enables sports and entertainment companies to drive sales, streamline business processes, and boost profitability.