Ping HD: Flexible, Scalable, and Affordable Digital Signage Solutions

Peter Stamos, President
Today, researchers in the sports industry are taking a deep-dive to discover most innovative technologies to ensure more fan engagement and sophisticated customer interaction. Organizations are contemplating analytics, beacon technology, and integrated social media with a sole goal to understand fan behavior. Ping HD, a full service digital signage solutions provider, enables organizations to engage with their fans more efficiently and enhances brand awareness and customer experience. “Our clients use digital menu boards, advertising and wayfinding screens to engage and inform their customers by delivering both marketing, and retail messages,” says Peter Stamos, President, Ping HD. “Our networks are efficient and quick and does not require onsite servers or software to purchase.”

The company’s flagship product, EngagePHD, a cloud-based content management system, provides premium digital signage tools to help organizations engage with their customers. The software is built on the latest HTML file tools which make the system easy to use. “EngagePHD easily integrates legacy and back-end systems like point to sale system, inventory management systems, room scheduling systems and allows users to manage their content from anywhere with an internet connection,” explains Stamos.

The company’s hybrid of IPTV/ QAM modulator, IPingTV is used by sports organizations in the stadiums to disseminate marketing messages for customers in their domain. “IPingTV allows a customer to put a banner on the screens to show marketing messages, while the bounce of the digital screen broadcasts video sources,” points out Stamos. Ping HD’s IPTV is an additional feature of the range of digital signage solutions that enhances customer experience and increases concession sales. The company also offers wayfinding and touch screen applications which help fans to find a way around the stadium or a convention center venue. “Our touch screen applications aim to engage fans by providing interesting videos, stats, and personal anecdotes about the players,” adds Stamos.
The company takes pride in delivering content management system and developing content for its customers. Besides designing, installing, and developing content for the media networks, Ping HD further offers continuous media network assistance to various organizations. “We have 24/7 X365 call center and email technical support which currently manages over 200 networks,” states Stamos.

Since inception, Ping HD has been providing an array of flexible, scalable, and affordable array of digital signage solutions which has helped their clientele to pick up additional sales and customer experience. For instance, the management of The New Orleans Super Dome, the home of the 2013 NFL Super Bowl, approached Ping HD to improve their display content commensurate with the magnitude of events, without having to pay for an entire new system. “Our graphic design team was able to work with the client directly to find out exactly what was needed to be displayed on each screen and created a number of different templates,” explains Stamos. Ping HD then encoded the designs to the current software's specifications and the client was able to have all of the menus uploaded in time, along with obtaining access to world-class content services.

Our networks are backed by digital signage software that is efficient and quick and does not require onsite servers or software to purchase

Moving ahead, the company plans to expand their product range and add new capabilities to their existing products. On the strategic front, Stamos administers the functioning of Ping HD and heavily invests in R&D to understand and study the customer needs better. “We are currently integrating our own software with beacon technology so that we can participate and enhance fans’ smartphone experience in future,” concludes Stamos.

Ping HD

Denver, CO

Peter Stamos, President

Provides flexible, scalable and affordable digital signage solutions to assist organization’s strategy, design, implementation, monitoring and support on a cloud-based network.