PRIVIT: Proactive Measures for Athlete’s Health and Safety

Jeffrey Sopp, CEO The upcoming school year is approaching quickly. Soon thousands of high school and college athletes will be back on the field competing for their schools. However, before stepping onto the field, every athlete should undertake a Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE), consisting of a health history questionnaire and physical exam, which was enacted by the American Sports and Medical institutions to promote the health and safety of the athletes.

PPE allows athletes to document their health information—injuries, allergies, or history of concussions—on paper, PRIVIT has taken the PPE questionnaire to a - whole new level by digitizing it. “We have taken the paper processor — more effective digital interface,” says Jeffrey Sopp, CEO, PRIVIT. The company’s solution, Privit ProfileTM, allows the questionnaire to be completed online, which automatically produces pre-populated forms accessible to schools, coaches, and athletic trainers. Privit ProfileTM also helps coaches by pre-populating teams, identifying cleared to play status of athletes, and provides easy accessibility to emergency information from any mobile device.

Growing with Technology

The success of any athletic program rests on many factors, but none as important as the health and safety of its athletes. Privit ProfileTM was developed from the input of medical professionals who wanted to create a platform easy enough for an athlete to interact with, but would also provide athletic departments more streamlined approach in collecting, reviewing, and clearing athletes prior to sport participation. “Privit ProfileTM allows athletes to effortlessly enter and upload their health information in a secure manner,” says Sopp.

PRIVIT takes privacy beyond what most companies ever consider. PRIVIT solutions are based on patented technologies for securely managing medical records in a privacy-compliant manner. This secure foundation is called Privit Platform, and it uses multiple layers of data encryption and access control lists to enforce rules of access. Thus, assuring you are only sharing the medical information you choose to share. Athletic administrators, coaches, and athletic trainers are responsible for managing emergency information for their athletes. When managed using paper, coaches and athletic trainers are forced to carry binders or boxes of health forms for each athlete. Accessible from any mobile device, Privit ProfileTM highlights allergies, current medications, and other health-related critical information in one secure location— no more lugging around paper.

Subsequently, emergency information can be passed over to the first responder via mobile devices, and treatment can be planned accordingly. Unlike traditional PPEs, Privit ProfileTM exceeds the capability of paper-based records with its ability to monitor the entire process for completeness by guiding people through a workflow so users don’t accidentally or purposefully skip or miss a step. With Privit ProfileTM, athletic administrators are able to view which athletes have completed their PPE information, cleared to play status, team memberships, and physical expiration dates.
Athlete’s health information is entered once, then if a new medical condition emerges, this information can be easily updated. “The profile can be used in subsequent years as a baseline to make changes, which greatly reduces the burden and redundancy for the parents. It also helps athletic trainers to change the way they perform pre-conditioning on athletes and provide better training programs,” explains Sopp.

"Kids or adults. of all ages can safeguard themselves by keeeping their important health reports secured using our application and sending them to whomever they deem necessary."

Being an athlete himself, Sopp understands the importance of maintaining a health profile, as emergencies are real, never planned, and often unexpected. During times when emotions are high, remembering the details of you or your loved one’s health history is not an easy task. For this reason, PRIVIT developed Family Health Profile, to help people outside of interscholastic and collegiate sports take control of their family’s health information, and to be better prepared for life’s events. “If I get hurt—my family or friends can access my information, which helps the doctors in treating me,” explains Sopp.

An Inside View of Capabilities

Privit ProfileTM provides an in-depth analysis assisting healthcare providers to efficiently cater to the medical needs of athletes during the physical exam. For instance, if an athlete comes from a family where heart disease is prevalent, a physician can spend more time screening the athlete for heart issues and potentially have additional testing conducted before letting this athlete participate in sporting activities. Athletes are guided through a series of health questions resulting in a legible and easy format for physicians to reference during the physical exam. “Privit ProfileTM pre-populates a medical history summary that is shared with physicians highlighting any medical conditions an athlete may have,” says Sopp.

To help athletic departments validate the fitness of athletes, Privit ProfileTM comes with an impressive feature for tracking if an athlete is cleared for play, which meets the demands of return-to-game policies across North America.

Another feature found in Privit ProfileTM is the self-reported baseline section from the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool 3rd Edition (SCAT3). SCAT3 is a result of the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport where medical professionals met to develop a baseline test, to help assess the depth of concussion injuries.

Various schools and major colleges have adopted Privit ProfileTM to mitigate the health concerns of their athletes. Stanford University has been leveraging Privit ProfileTM since 2009, and was initially implemented to increase compliance for completing the PPE process. “The athletic trainers were having a hard time tracking down the required health information from athletes before the start of the training,” says Sopp. After two years of using Privit ProfileTM, the university had a compliance rate of 100 percent as every single athlete submitted their health history prior to the start of the training.
A Comprehensive Health History

As the company began penetrating the high school and collegiate athletic markets, the discovery of new markets led to the development of other software solutions for educational institutions (Student Health Profile), families (Family Health Profile), and corporations (Employee Health Profile). “We recognized a need across other markets for tracking health information, and we used the foundation from the Privit Platform to develop solutions catering to the needs of these markets,” said Sopp.

Having current health information in an emergency situation can be a lifesaver, as doctors may require this information instantly. So, keeping them safe and easily accessible is an important step in being prepared to tackle any emergency

Students who don’t participate in any sport event often have to report immunizations, allergies, and medications to school authorities. “With Student Health Profile, we are trying to fill this sensitive gap,” says Sopp. He goes on to say, “We are constantly encouraging educational bodies to add their entire student body so emergency health information is easily accessible to school authorities.” This would allow the medical faculty of schools to have immediate access to student health records and be able to take actions to stabilize and mitigate risks.

Today, companies are looking to provide healthier work environments and health program benefits to associates. Some companies even require health information be carried on-hand at all times when working in high-risk and dangerous jobs. Employee Health Profile provides companies the ability to improve employee safety, manage health related certifications, document management, remote access, and validation for process tracking.

The Next Big Step

PRIVIT has a diverse and experienced set of globally-focused employees and executives, who strive, to deliver a resilient customer experience. “PRIVIT is adding thousands of new users every single week across all its solutions,” advices Sopp. PRIVIT’s eyes are now set on combining its expertise with wearable technology. Wearable computing enhances and empowers the wearer from a health and fitness perspective. Integrating the information gathered from smart devices with any PRIVIT solution will give a holistic view of the changes in one’s health. PRIVIT is also aiming to partner with other sport and medical associations to enhance its services of pre-conditioning for athletes and for improving employee health programs and for providing advanced health tracking to students around the globe. With resilient strategies building up, PRIVIT’s foremost goal would be to keep optimizing their products so that families can leverage a complete package of a health tracking solutions and take care of their loved ones.


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Jeffrey Sopp, CEO

The company is dedicated to providing secure and easy-to use tools for managing personal health information.