ShotTracker: Revolutionizing the Sports Landscape through Powerful Wearable

Davyeon Ross Co-Founder and COO
The influx of disruptive technology into sports landscape is furnishing positive changes in the way teams practice today. Big-data analytics and the associated wearable technologies are enabling coaches, trainers and general managers to evaluate previously unquantifiable aspects of player’s performance in fine detail. Such minute detailing has resulted in refined player performance, reduced injuries and enhanced fan experience. Helping teams achieve such evident benefits, Overland Park, KS, based ShotTracker offers a wearable tech for basketball that tracks individual athletic performance by producing real-time metrics for every shot the player attempts. The produced metrics are then logically analyzed to help the player perform better, build strategy and frame field decisions. “Based on a strong belief that ‘you can’t improve what you don’t measure,’ our solution leverages the power of data to enable players and teams achieve the performance engagement goals,” delineates Davyeon Ross, Co- Founder and COO, ShotTracker.

The company’s first and namesake wearable technology, ShotTracker, is made up of three components: a wrist sensor, a net sensor and the ShotTracker App. When a basketball player shoots, the wrist sensor sends a signal that a shot was attempted. The determination of shot takes place through the utilization of a sophisticated algorithm. Subsequently, the net sensor determines whether the shot was made or missed; and sends out a signal too. The metrics on missed shot is calculated using the data collected through the wearable. Both the signals are automated to the mobile device, where the ShotTracker App keeps track of a player’s shooting statistics. The statistics includes details such as number of shots taken and made, number of points scored and minutes of shooting. Such thorough game-specifications available on a single window screen, facilitates the players to obtain the entire information comprehensively. “Although, a player can always memorize various metrics in his or her head, on the negative side, counting persistently and trying to remember what’s next, always lead to substantial loss of productivity,” asserts Ross.
“Our ShotTracker lets players focus completely on their game.”

The Company also proffers a distinctive App for Coaches that allow them to create a library of workouts and drills for players, monitor progress and track player’s improvement. The custom workouts could be assigned to multiple teams or individual players to help them gain proficiency in important parts of the game. ShotTracker skillfully delivers on all of the aforementioned features, and avoids competition by virtue of their cutting-edge wearable and solutions, that apart from being customer-friendly are technically-sound in terms of accuracy, speed and affordability. “Our key differentiators are our 11 patents that we have filed along with the combination of an end-to-end hardware and software solution,” insists Ross.

Based on a strong belief that ‘you can’t improve what you don’t measure,’ our solution leverages the power of data to enable players and teams achieve the performance engagement goals

ShotTracker sees exciting opportunities in its mission to improve the land¬scape of ‘Sports Technology’ through their best-in-class wearable + software solutions. “Both individual players and sports organizations are overwhelmingly accepting the idea that, ‘wearable tech’ will help them leverage their strengths .and identify and correct their weak¬nesses,” proclaims Ross. Capitalizing such favorable environment, the com-pany continues to innovate and focus on providing equipment and software solutions for improving performance in team sports.


Overland Park, KS

Davyeon Ross Co-Founder and COO and Bruce Ianni Co-Founder and CEO

Provider of hardware/software solutions that track individual and team performance, producing real-time metrics that drive decision making.