Vivature: Superior Injury Tracking and Billing Software Creates New Revenue Stream for College Athletics at Time of Enormous Need

Muzzy Bass, CEO
“A college’s athletic training room is like a human re¬sources department for a large employer. There is little technology and a tremendous amount of paper files and information being shared among var¬ious levels in an unsecure manner,” says Muzzy Bass, CEO, Vivature. To meet the challenges and the need for technol¬ogy and reinvestment in student-athlete care within athletic training rooms and student health centers, Texas-based Vi¬vature provides superior injury tracking and best practice management software. The software manages the training room processes while at the same time gener¬ate millions of dollars for athletic depart¬ments through medical billing for care currently being performed at great cost to the school.

Vivature developed NExTT, an Oracle based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to set better standards within training rooms. “Athletic training rooms are often unstructured and the risks of private medical records being exposed once the athlete steps out of the center always exists,” states Bass. The company’s digitization of work process within training centers has brought about significant improvements and better co-ordination between trainers, athletes, and doctors. NExTT also automatically helps the athletic department comply with each state’s athletic training practice act that regulates licensing and compliance of trainers. A structural process is built into the software that allows doctors to check and comment on what trainers, nutritionists and psychologists are doing in real-time. A biometric scanner is installed in the training center— enabling doctors and trainers to easily track the athletes’ compliance with the rehabilitation protocols.

The NExTT software utilizes a single Oracle database that then captures every medical encounter in a health center, counseling or in the athletic training room. This unique platform shares real time information with all of the major insurance carriers allowing the verification of the primary insurance.
As a result, the athletic department has an accurate snapshot of every athlete’s insurance and the potential out of pocket risk exposure. This direct connection to the insurance carriers allows the medical treatments performed on campus to be filed as claims with the carriers. Vivature then uses the software to work the back end administration on the filed claims, collects the revenue and then shares that revenue with the departments, or offers a guaranteed dollar amount – often times is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Vivature’s digitization of work process within training centers has brought about significant improvements in compliance along with a steady revenue stream for the athletic department

This revenue comes at a critical time in collegiate athletics, as departments struggle to find revenue to pay for mas¬sive increases in the cost of attendance and meals for student-athletes and to stay competitive with their peers in overall care, academic support, facilities and re¬cruiting. The company also has used the software to aggregate injury and treat¬ment information for the study of head trauma, and prescription drug use.

Vivature is continuing to evolve; “We believe that campuses should have all their medical history shared in one database for compliance and confiden¬tial needs.” said Bass. “Overall – our entire program gives universities the tools to provide the maximum level of care possible, create reinvest-ment, revenue opportunities and lower their costs – in the end, everyone wins.”


Dallas, TX

Muzzy Bass, CEO

Provides Oracle based EMR system for injury tracking and medical billing services.