Thapos: Sports Management Meets Technology

Srini Siddireddy, Founder & CEO
When Srini Siddireddy–an engineer and innovator– started to look for applications that tracked his kids’ performance in sports, he could not find one in the market. Driven by his innovative spirit, Siddireddy began to build an app by himself. In that process, he realized that the need for such an application in the sports ecosystem is immense. This epiphany propelled Siddireddy to lay the cornerstone of Thapos (Talented Hardworking and Passionate on Sports), a company that caters to sports organizations, sports teams, and thousands of athletes, who often need an application or software to track individual performances, create a schedule and enable communication between payers, and more. Today, the company provides an all-in-one sports management platform that brings the entire sports fraternity under its ambit.

From the organizational (sports club, academy, sports league, and others) standpoint, Thapos builds online registration portal through its innovative sports management platform. Besides, the firm indulges in marketing the sporting events to attract more players as well Thapos also assists sports organizations to set up payment gateways, merchant account, et al. that is entwined with the online portal. It also enables the organization to schedule, hire referees, and communicate with players. Another crucial leg of the sports management platform is its team management capabilities. Packaged as a mobile application, it allows players within a team to communicate with each other. Furthermore, the platform comes embedded with various performance tracking features that track a sportsperson’s progress in a particular sport. All in all, the platform serves as a one-stop shop for players, teams, and coaches to manage their day to day activities.

Governed by a mission to enhance youth sports experience, Thapos’ solutions are tailored to the needs of various sports organizations. The sports management company employs ‘test before you adopt’ approach to sports management and it reflects in their offerings. The company provides a 14-day trial to its customers, enabling them to make better and informed decisions. The trial is often accompanied by multiple demos, through which the nitty-gritty of the sports management platform is explained, giving customers the vantage point view needed to choose the right platform.
It is followed by full-blown implementation support that tracks down every issue encountered by Thapos’ customers in the initial days. Siddireddy notes that in most cases their customers never required assistance as the Thapos’ platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use. “We understand the needs of our customers and help them customize the platform. For example, organizations can build their own customizable website through our platform. Our role in the entire process is to introduce them to the specific features,” explains Siddireddy, Founder & CEO, Thapos.

Thapos is uniquely positioned in the market as it provides an integrated platform that conforms to latest technology trends and security standards while being cost-effective at the same time

Catering to the needs of non-profit sports organizations, Thapos envisions maximizing the overall sports experience for everyone involved with youth sports—from coaches, teams to players and parents. The company is uniquely positioned in the market as it provides an integrated platform that conforms to latest technology trends and security standards while being cost-effective at the same time. The success that Thapos has achieved, thus far, attributes to its diverse and customizable platform in conjunction with a dedicated team that works as a family to combine technology with sports.

In the forthcoming years, Thapos endeavors to tweak the features of its existing sports management platform, conforming to the technology trends of the times ahead. The company plans to have as many third-party integrations as possible to strengthen the platform further. The expansion of the current platform to accommodate more sports in a detailed fashion is also in the pipeline. Asides, Thapos plans to expand geographically into the untapped markets and assist organizations and sportspersons to manage their day to day activities better.


San Ramon, CA

Srini Siddireddy, Founder & CEO

Provider of sports management platform for sports clubs, league, teams, athletes, coaches, and parents