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Jason McKay, Chairman & CEO
Customer service is the key to success, and organizations need to ensure they score high on customer satisfaction to that end. It was 11 years ago that Brian’s zeal to solve one of the key problems faced by the athletic community propelled him to establish ‘Rank One Sport,’ a company that offers an activity management solution for scheduling sporting events. The aim was simple: to achieve ‘Rank 1’ in customer service. Today, Rank One Sport’s revolutionary solution is used in more than 4,500 schools in 31 states, with a majority of them in Texas. Besides the solutions, Rank One Sport offers a suite of services to assist schools with communication, documentation, and management. Schools use Rank One Sport’s solution to manage all extracurricular activities using features such as athlete registration forms, event management, transportation, scheduling, and injury and treatment documentation, among others. “What started as a team scheduling program in 2008 has evolved into a comprehensive logistics management tool. Carefully built using customer feedback, the tool covers all features, from registration to roster management,” mentions Jason McKay, Chairman, and CEO of Rank One Sport.

In 2010, schools began to record athletes’ injuries, track their recovery, and manage treatments, which led to the development of Rank One Sport’s athletic training module. In 2018, Athletic Trainers (ATC) carried out more than three million treatments using the company’s activity management solution. The injury tracking is where Children’s Health Andrews Institute came into the picture.

Rank One Sport redefined the way athletic trainers and athletes could access healthcare services through Rank One Health—its new joint venture with Children’s Health Andrews Institute in 2018. The pediatric healthcare institution recognized the potential of Rank One and proposed a collaboration to improve healthcare delivery in athletics and school activities. This alliance was aimed at helping physicians and care teams to communicate directly with the athletic trainers.

Rank One Sport redefined the way athletic trainers and athletes could access healthcare services through Rank One Health

The initial focus was to reduce the time required for care delivery—enabling injury management from the moment of incidence to the patient admission in a clinic or hospital. Through the alliance, Rank One Sport offers a HIPAA/FERPA compliant secure messaging platform to communicate effectively. The platform enables orthopedic and neuropsychologists to deliver care and also include other hospital systems and services.

School districts find it daunting to find simple and unified software that allows them to stay ahead of the legislative curve and meet future technology needs. Rank One Health+Sport is among the few companies in the sports and healthcare space that serves schools and provides a range of services and capabilities. The company’s platform has rich features, including standardized form fields, injury entry, FERPA and HIPAA security compliance, and an end-to-end secure communication module. There is also an effort underway to meet the regulatory updates in Texas that demands concussion reports from schools districts that are 4A and larger. Rank One Health will contribute directly to this development through research.

In 2018, Rank One Health processed over three million athlete treatments in 31 states, and the number is expected to be substantially bigger this year. The company’s goal is to expand its footprint through strong strategic partnerships with leading local healthcare providers. This vision is backed by its focus on getting athletes to the field and helping them to perform to their maximum potential.

Rank One Health + Sport

Dallas, TX

Jason McKay, Chairman & CEO

Rank One Sport is a leading software company helping Athletic Directors, Athletic Trainers, and coaches save time, save money, and improve communication. Rank One Sport offers a comprehensive set of tools to help athletic departments manage their day to day responsibilities. All features are available online, giving users secure access anywhere internet is available. With over 30 Million Pieces of Paper, 3.4 Million Daily Treatments entered, and 2 Million Games Scheduled, Rank One Sport is quickly becoming the preferred athletic department management solution in the United States

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