Head Case Company: Full Life Cycle Head Case Management System

Head Case is a dad-driven, grassroots organization that is in agreement with concerned coaches and parents everywhere who simply want sports to be safer for their children. Head Case has one goal—to help protect youth athletes from the risks of undetected cumulative concussions.

“Safety is a major concern in contact sports today particularly around head safety, we wanted to make the field a safer place for the young athletes,” says Craig Ceranna, Head Case President and CEO. In order to prevent children from catastrophic or cumulative head injuries, St. Louis, MO based, Head Case Company is leveraging sensor technology for reducing the risks of undetected cumulative concussions. “We incorporate known-science in the applications that we develop to help children play safer.” The company delivers the Head Case Management System, an affordable three-part system that measures head impacts, records data, and provides diagnostic tools to detect potential concussions. Head Case is currently working with hockey, football, and cycling teams and looks forward to a successful beta launch this fall.

The core part of the Head Case Management system is its proprietary Impact Sensor that measures impacts in G-force through an accelerometer and records every impact an athlete takes during sport. The sensor also sends an alert if an impact is above a pre-determined, athlete-specific threshold occurs. All impacts are measured and recorded during play, then sent wirelessly to the athlete’s online Athlete Profile for storage and analysis. By reviewing the athlete’s normal impact history and comparing impact data to national averages based collected user data, parents and coaches can make informed decisions on the head health of their athlete.

The second part of the Head Case Management system is the Head Case Mobile App that enables the coaches and trainers with real time updates for each player on the field and to conduct a field side test, which involves a set of thirty questions to detect symptoms of a potential concussion. Based on the test results, the users can take informed decisions whether they should continue to play, suspend to play, or seek treatment. “If in case the athlete fails the test, the Head Case Mobile App assists users in finding the best treatment facilities in the athlete’s current area,” explains Ceranna.
Craig Ceranna President and CEO
The information collected through the field side protocol is transferred to the user’s profile on the Head Case Website. The Website incorporates the impact data by creating individual profiles for each player. “This is the final component in the Head Health Management System where registered athletes have their critical data stored securely and correlated against broad data provided by both the medical community and other athletes,” explains Ceranna. The website acts as a resource center and a personalized record of an athlete. Along with providing technical support to the customers, the company also helps the leagues, teams, or players by offering assistance and knowledge about how to diagnose the re-occurrence of concussions.

Our database can provide coaches, trainers, and doctors with a better picture of impacts that have occurred during the entire span of an athlete’s career

Additionally, Head Case is emphasizing on testing the collected data to roll-out products in the future that will not only report, alert, and analyze but will also help to minimize situations where the occurrence of concussions is highly probable. “The offerings that are coming in the future will enable coaches and trainers to identify symptoms that increase the likelihood of concussion,” he affirms.

Head Case is trying to stay on the leading edge by making advancement around the size and computation speed and readings of its sensors to stay ahead in the market where a number of competitors are in the incubation stage.

Head Case Company

Lake Forest, IL

Craig Ceranna President and CEO

Provider of the Head Case Management System, an affordable three-part system that measures head impacts,records data and delivers diagnostic tools to detect potential concussions.