STATS: Elevating Sports Technology to New Heights

Sports technology is fast becoming a multibillion dollar business with organizations taking a huge technological switch to revolutionize the way sports contests are held. Nowadays, every move of an athlete or a sporting event is thoroughly monitored and analyzed with the advent of latest technologies such as Goal-Line Technology, Instant Replay, Hawk-Eye, and Cyclops Machines. Sports related data and content are becoming equally important requisites, transforming the landscape to make it easier and competent for everyone involved—athletes, analysts, coaches, and audience. Meeting the evolving needs of the media, broadcast, leagues, teams, and players, STATS provides next-generation sports technology and solutions for data and content, revolutionizing the way sports contests are viewed, understood and enjoyed. “We drive innovation organically and inorganically empowering our customers to be always at the forefront of end-user engagement using STATS’ products,” says Gary Walrath, CEO, STATS.

“STATS delivers data for over 600 leagues utilizing technologically advanced data delivery methods to support an optimal sports content experience,” remarks Walrath. SportVU player tracking data is rendered by STATS that presents sports statistics by creating comprehensive and sophisticated data streams for basketball and soccer, using real-time player and ball positioning tracking technology. In addition, the company’s flagship product, XInfo provides inclusive insight on statistical events not captured via traditional data collection. “Moreover, STATS’s daily fantasy projections, accurate, data-driven intelligence, support fantasy sports contests,” says Walrath.

The predictive analytics tool allows users to enter in-game information and power predictions on game outcomes

STATS also provides research and analytics tools such as STATS Pass and Predictive Analytics. STATS Pass is a web-based statistics and scouting and historical research tool that renders access to the company’s comprehensive sports database and enables users to develop their own custom reports.
With the use of predictive analytics, the firm delivers exclusive data such as projected records, playoff, division, and world series odds. “The predictive analytics tool allows users to enter in-game information and power predictions on game outcomes,” explains Walrath. Alongside, STATS is known for its editorial products giving out sports-related news, stories, associated press content, photos, and graphics catering to the fans.

The company’s hosted solution offers the industry’s largest selection of customized, hosted content in the digital platform enabling users to gain optimal visitor experience and engagement. Fans can also obtain a detailed and comprehensive game content using real-time digital companions to enhance their live game viewing experience. The company’s baseball scouting, reporting and player analysis solution, Pro2 has a user base of professional teams worldwide. “Pitch Review, another STATS product, empowers players to be well-prepared by analyzing the matchups aided by video review and analytical insights delivered by the tool,” adds Walrath.

In an implementation highlight, Virtually Live, a company working towards enhancing viewers’ experience of sport obtained the help of STATS data to create a social, immersive and engaging event. The client’s used optically tracked 3D data or RFID data, gathered in partnership with STATS, which transposed the viewer’s experience into a virtual stadium environment, in substantially real time. Now, fans can select any seat in the stadium and watch games from different perspectives.

STATS is looking forward to expand its footprints, continuing its acquisition trail. The company has acquired UK-based Prozone, specialists in game and player performance tracking, this year. The firm has also taken up TVT Video Technologies Inc. (TVTI), a Portland-based company that offers video technology. “Offering valuable contents and data, STATS plans to move ahead and transform sports to a new height,” ends Walrath.


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Gary Walrath, CEO

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