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David DuPont, CEO David, a coach at a soccer club, pulls out his smartphone, taps on the TeamSnap app, and quickly changes the location of the practice to elsewhere due to unavoidable circumstances. All the trainees receive a buzz on their mobile devices immediately, with the message about the relocation of the practice session. Just 2 miles apart in a different stadium, Sean, who also happens to be the coach of another soccer club, is busy making notes of the phone numbers of the trainees who need to be informed about an emergent situation regarding training. While David completes his task in a flash, Sean, relying on the legacy paper-based strategy, spends excessive time on wasteful tasks. Not to mention the additional burden that Sean faces in arranging the meeting to have a face-to-face discussion on other training related events. While David can message multiple players of the team in the blink of an eye about any change in the plan, it takes hours for Sean to incorporate any variations in the schedule and get the message out to all the participants. TeamSnap, certainly, makes the life easy for the coach that allows him to train better.

And that’s not all. Be it setting up registration, invoicing to getting the word out about the club or last-minute field changes, TeamSnap puts users in firm control of their planning and scheduling of sports activities. What makes TeamSnap a competing force in the market is its complete package of features such as online registration, invoicing, communication tools, and club and league automated scheduler. As the household name in the integrated sports team, club, and league management, TeamSnap is on the verge of achieving 20 million users. The intuitive sports management platform, TeamSnap, is dedicated to simplifying communication and coordination for all the key stakeholders in a sporting activity—coaches, administrators, players, and families. The platform excels as the fabric that ties together active sports life for all ages and levels by simplifying participation, coaching, and management. Over the years, TeamSnap has attracted over 5,000 sports organizations, including clubs and leagues, saving them resources, and helping them to be more competitive with a solution that is connected seamlessly. It covers scheduling software, club website, and communication tools, making it easier for club and league commissioners, administrators, coaches and volunteers to coordinate the activities and achieve fruitful outcomes.

Hassle-Free Management

Conveniently accessible, TeamSnap’s Club & League Automated Scheduler leaves no room for worries, as it allows users to create schedules effortlessly and sync them directly to Google or iCal. It avoids pitfalls and collects key insights while saving a considerable amount of time for the user.

At the verge of approaching 20 million customers, TeamSnap is passionately dedicated to simplifying communication and coordination for coaches, administrators, players and families

Not only scheduling, but the app also lets users gain information on who all is available for practice or games any day. TeamSnap automatically collects member contact information with its time-saving feature–Registration. Through this feature, users leverage the self-service form builder to complete the process comprehensively, in a time efficient manner rather than wasting time on manual importing, on-site registration, and check collection. As part of the TeamSnap platform, the built-in communication tools allow users to send instant updates to individual teams or a custom group of people, like coaches, managers or volunteers.

Often, team managers struggle to collect and process the payment to the club’s account, requiring them to make trips to the bank. It may also expose them to the risk of unsafe collection practices. TeamSnap obviates the need for checks or trips to the banks by providing users with the power of the digital. The organization can always get paid upfront and on time. The funds are routed directly into their bank account with invoicing. The management team can use this feature for all transactions, from monthly dues and tournament fees to uniforms and facility expenses.

Another feature that distinguishes TeamSnap from its competitors is TeamSnap Background Checks, which ensures conformance to the necessary compliance requirements. Now, sports organizations can set a higher standard of safety, thanks to screenings with the maximum possible accuracy achieved through data collected from across multiple sources. TeamSnap employs a team of compliance experts who use a comprehensive screening platform to track legislative changes and updates. Individual assessments are fully automated and comply with all federal, state, and local laws, and always present the proper disclosures and authorizations.

In a case study, Tyler Hudson, the head coach with Fayetteville Soccer Club’s travel team, describes a situation explaining how she was able to accommodate the sudden changes in the sporting event to be held the next morning. “We had an incident this season where we were traveling to an away match, and the team changed the field on us the night before. When I caught the change, we were already traveling separately to the match,” says Tyler. “With TeamSnap and the Team Chat feature, I was able to send out a message right then to everyone with the updated address.
Team Chat made it 10 times easier to communicate that information to the parents of every individual in the team.”

Depending on the level of assistance customers need, TeamSnap offers a variety of options to help them create a professional and mobile-friendly website for their clubs, leagues, or association. Either TeamSnap designers and developers can build the website, or the client itself can do so by using easy-to-use drag-and-drop editing tools. Labeled as ‘TeamSnap Website Builder,’ the tool is embedded with sophisticated features to craft a professional, SEO and mobile-friendly website, responsive on all devices and screens.

The application is not limited to only sports organizations, clubs, and leagues alone. Several other organizations, institutions, for instance, can also own TeamSnap. Affordable, TeamSnap offers a variety of features simplifying the team organization and communication. From team chat, last-minute alerts, and scheduling to assignments, payment collection and real-time game sharing, TeamSnap offers a variety of features and plans tailored to fit your needs. Additionally, it keeps the family of students updated through the sports calendar embedded into the application. As a result of using TeamSnap, coaches, managers, and organizers report saving 12 hours of administrative work every month so they can focus on the game, not the logistics.

"From team chat, last-minute alerts and scheduling to assignments, payment collection and real-time game sharing, TeamSnap offers a variety of features and plans tailored to fit your needs"

Game-Changing Tournament Experience

Tournaments that involve a large number of competing teams need flawless strategy execution and coordination among different stakeholders in the group. And each of them must be reminded of any change in real time. TimeSnap Tournaments tool keeps every stakeholder/participant in the loop with game reminders and event changes communicated via email or push messages, notifying the teams, coaches, and fans of last minute changes. Organizing a tournament demands capital, and once organizations stumble on a sponsor, they have to balance their interests as well as that of their sponsors. The Tournament tool keeps brands at the forefront while showcasing sponsors and making a profit for them. With this tool, the clients can manage all aspects of their budget and adhere to it while highlighting the tournament from start to finish with TeamSnap’s white-labeled apps. This empowers them to offer their sponsors more impressions with in-app placements.

TeamSnap recently announced that it has expanded its popular advertising platform in response to increased industry demand. "This is an exciting new era where brands can leverage emerging media platforms like TeamSnap to connect directly with a coveted audience of family decision makers," said Dave DuPont, co-founder and CEO, TeamSnap. "We have been overwhelmed by the demand and innovative ideas from new partners. Expanding our partnership platform is the next step as we grow as a publisher and provide marketers even more opportunities to connect with engaged parents."


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David DuPont, CEO

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Boulder, Colo., TeamSnap provides an integrated sports team, club and league management solution, designed to simplify communication and coordination for coaches, administrators, players and families. Fifteen million coaches, administrators, players and parents use TeamSnap’s web and smartphone apps to sign up, schedule, communicate and coordinate everything for the team, the club and the season. TeamSnap team, club and league management software makes organizing sports as simple as click, tap and go