20 Most Promising Sports Technology Solution Providers - 2016

20 Most Promising Sports Technology Solution Providers - 2016

Over the years, the substantial use of technology in sports has elevated its status from proprietary forms to a more advanced elite sporting. Today, several thematic applications of technology—across sporting equipments, clothing and wearable’s to facilities, competition adjudication and performance analytics is delivering a heightened experience to multiple stakeholders involved.

In one hand, devices like photo-finish timers and sensors that connect with several communication devices and scoreboards in stadiums are making the broadcasts more appealing to the spectators. On the other hand, the technology revolution is providing athletes, coaches and analysts with ways to gather immediate feedback on a wide range of performance factors. For instance, big data analytics technology is being used to enhance a player’s performance by monitoring and analyzing his nutrition and fitness levels.

With a multitude of advancements in sports technology, organizations should wisely choose solutions that meet their needs. To help CIOs find the right solutions, our selection panel has evaluated a number of sports technology solution providers and shortlisted the ones that are the forefront of optimally tackling the challenges in the sports arena. In our selection process, we have looked at the vendor’s capability to deliver a cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the sports landscape.

We present you CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Sports Technology Solution Providers 2016.

Company Name

Company Description

Competitive Sports Analysis Develops college football recruiting tool that helps coaches find the best fit recruit based on their needs
FanDuel Specializes in daily fantasy contests to make sports more exciting, in any way, shape or form
FanPlay Intelligent applications to enhance the fan engaging experience
Fitbit Designs products to help users achieve their health and fitness goals, making them feel empowered
Hudl Builds video analysis tools for coaches and athletes around the world helping them to stay ahead of the competition
KORE Software Offers a solid platform for addressing the unique needs, from sports sponsorships and ticket system integration to media and ad sales, trafficking and fulfillment management
Krossover Enables coaches, athletes, fans, and the media from around the world to access game film and advanced statistics online, and on mobile devices
LBi Software Creates better sports teams through precise, customized data succinctly delivered to club decision-makers in any format, on any device
Media Sonar Technologies Media Sonar provides sports facilities and arenas with an additional public safety tool that allows security personnel to monitor social media posts relating to the event, crowd, or facility
Phizzle A fan and consumer engagement automation technology company delivering solutions designed to enhance relationship between brands and their fans and consumers
PlaySight Interactive Ltd Focuses on delivering cutting-edge experience to all levels of sport, worldwide with their SmartCourt technology
Qcue Creates a dynamic pricing engine for live entertainment events, changing the way sports and entertainment tickets are priced
Replay Technologies Allows the viewer to experience never-before-seen perspectives of live sporting events by placing viewing angles and cameras where none existed in reality
Runkeeper Helps people build lasting routines with smart schedules that fit into their busy lives
SeatGeek Enables users to quickly discover tickets to sports/music events and find amazing deals on tickets
Sportvision Creates landmark innovations that allow fans to see and enjoy sports in a lively manner
STATS LLC Enhances sports on and off the field through real-time data feeds, sports content and research and customizable digital solutions to engage fans
Synergy Sports Technology, LLC Delivers on-demand professional-level basketball analytics linked to support video for unrivaled power and insight into the game
XOS Digital Provides cutting-edge video and content licensing solutions to the amateur sports market
YinzCam A mobile sports-technology company providing personalized content driving ROI for sports teams and venues